Key Features

Ease of Use:

  • Compact – the pasteurizer is 27” X 5’6” X 6.6’ and weighs approx. 1,100 lbs.
  • Automated “Clean-in-Place” System
  • Requires very little monitoring while in use
  • Minimal training is required

Standardized Modular Construction:

  • Modular Construction – simplifies maintenance and future upgrades
  • Requires a two gallon per minute water supply, a standard 120 volt outlet and a 50 amp 240 volt power supply. No additional infrastructure or external heat source required.
  • Inline pasteurization at two gallons per minute

Gentle Treatment of Milk:

  • Minimal and Consistent Heat Intervention – preserves milk’s flavor and nutritional value
  • Regenerative Heating – returns 85% of process heat for a highly efficient operation
  • Gentle Pumping Action – does not damage flavor or consistency of milk

The LiLi, created in Vermont, is manufactured for Bob-White Systems by Bruns Bros. of Gray, Maine.